Eric M. Scharf has been a part of the greater software and interactive media industry since 1991, and he has a BFA in Character Animation from CalArts (California Institute of the Arts).
As a Senior Management Specialist with a creative bent in collaboration with stealth startups and established businesses alike Eric has been a member of the games industry scene (from AAA entertainment software to serious games initiatives) and the digital branding space (through mobile and web development for both corporate entities and interactive agencies).

Through various executive, middle management, and production-level capacities while overseeing distributed interdisciplinary teams using multiple methodologies for a variety of client-facing initiatives, Eric has helped frame the concepts, shape the development approach, and guide the market presence of a wide variety of products, both domestic and international, entertainment and business, consumer and enterprise, covering a broad spectrum of genres, spanning several mainstream hardware and software platforms.

This combined experience has granted Eric a unique appreciation and understanding of the key insight and critical effort required to identify a unique market-researched idea, build a team around that idea, construct a studio around that team, and successfully steer the resultant product from concept to completion and well beyond into an increasingly profitable, long-term existence.